Westie Info

Westie Grooming


The wire coat of a Westie has to be combed every day, with clipping every three months. The Westie that shows needs to have its coat stripped, and kept white.

Daily grooming for the Westie is important. Terrier hair needs to be well-maintained to prevent matting. Pet parents will often have their Westie clipped for convenience and neatness. It also makes for no-hassle grooming if you’re a busy pet parent or live out in the countryside. Bathing should be weekly, depending on how often your Westie has fun in the outdoors.

Regular nail clipping and twice-yearly visits to the dental veterinary hygienist is necessary to prevent gum disease in dogs. That said, your Westie needs regular dental care and ear cleaning. Doggie wipes work well for general mini touch-ups when your Westie gets dirty in-between bathing.

If you’re using a professional groomer, be sure to check references. Westies are a small dog breed that needs to be treated gently and enjoy lots of positive reinforcements like healthy dog treats. These can be used to reward your Westie when he behaves during a nail trim and positive dog training.

Adopting a Westie

The Westie was bred to hunt rats, foxes, and badgers. Today, they are most popular as country or city companion dogs. Because they’re super hardy as a breed and have boundless energy, you’ll have to make sure that this breed is well-socialized and trained from puppyhood because they may be overbearing with children and other pets later in.

This feisty and friendly dog breed needs time to adjust to new surroundings, and like all rescue dogs may be very nervous at first. It may take a few weeks for him to adapt. The Westie needs a lot of supervision and love in his new home. That said, this breed loves to dig under fences and escape. Be consistent when positively training your Westie at home. Go to dog training classes, and allow your Westie to socialize with other dogs. This dog breed needs to be kept busy because he has so much energy.

The Westie makes for yet another terrific adoption! As always make sure that you’ve pet-proofed your home and garden before welcoming your rescue home. There will be many areas of your home and garden that your new Westie will have access to, and this cheerful and feisty breed sure knows how to escape in a matter of minutes!